Water Benefits

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

We go to extremes to keep our bodies as healthy as we can, so it’s important to realize all the amazing benefits of clean water. Your body needs this natural tonic more than anything except oxygen, but what can water do for you? Knowing the difference that water makes, how could you drink anything less than the cleanest water available?

Why drinking water is important?



Drinking clean, filtered water promotes healthy, full hair by helping to prevent dryness and breakage. Much like your skin, your hair is an external reflection of your body’s health. Through proper hydration, the body’s overall health and appearance improves – even to the very tips of your hair!

Clear2O® and Clear2GO® filtered water can help in more ways than one where your hair is concerned. While drinking enough clean water has undeniable benefits, the water to which you expose your hair can make all the difference in the world. Much of the water consumed has minerals and additives (such as chlorine or fluoride) that damage the hair and dull its appearance. By integrating filtration into your life and home, you’ll not only feel the difference – but you’ll see it, too!


Proper hydration shows all over! Drinking enough water helps to hydrate layers of the skin, giving it a vibrant and youthful glow. Water’s toxin-reducing properties result in clearer skin by eliminating the causes of blemishes and dullness. The skin also reflects the overall health of the body, allowing a hydrated, healthy body to boast glowing and youthful skin. Water has also been known to slow both internal and external signs of aging.

Though the quantity of water one consumes is important, the quality cannot be overlooked. The impurities and additives in tap water can deplete the skin’s beauty and radiance. By embracing a filtered water lifestyle, you’ll notice the difference inside and out!



If the kidneys are impaired due to dehydration, the liver must share the workload and cannot perform its job at peak levels. Normally, the liver metabolizes fat and removes waste, but when it must share the kidneys’ burden, it cannot do either properly.

By remaining hydrated with clean, filtered water, all of the systems in your body can work with maximum efficiency. Additionally, by filtering out the contaminants frequently found in water, less elimination strain will be placed on your liver. It’s important not only to drink enough water, but to give your body the best quality water available.



Clean water works wonders for your stomach, digestive system, and metabolism. Without water, the vitamins and nutrients in your food could not be properly absorbed, leaving you malnourished and weak. Additionally, fibre cannot aid proper digestive function without water.

In addition to its role in digestion, water also aids weight loss and helps maintain a proper metabolism. Fat cells are more difficult for the dehydrated body to metabolize, making it harder to lose weight when you don’t drink enough water. People often mistake thirst for hunger and, if properly hydrated, could easily make the distinction and shed excess kilo’s.



Your heart relies on proper hydration. Water helps keep blood the proper consistency which, in turn, regulates blood pressure and places less strain on the heart. An American Journal of Epidemiology study found that women who drank more than five glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack – and water’s protective effects were even greater in men!

Water also helps the blood carry oxygen and nutrients to cells, benefiting the body as a whole. With all of the benefits water provides and its undeniable importance to the body, why give your body anything less than the best? The Clear2O® and Clear2GO® water filtration system can give your body the clean water it needs for your healthy lifestyle.



Your kidneys cannot do their important job without the aid of enough clean water. All of the toxins and wastes the kidneys remove are dissolved in water. When adequate amounts of water aren’t available, the wastes aren’t removed effectively, potentially leading to kidney damage.

Additionally, water can help maintain kidney health by reducing the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Waste elimination is one of water’s primary functions in the body, so it’s important to consume the cleanest water possible to aid this elimination rather than add to the toxins already present in the body. Clean, filtered water – like that offered by Clear2O® and Clear2GO®- is the clear choice for your health.



Your muscles are 75% water, so it’s no surprise that water helps prevent muscle weakness and sustain energy. Even moving your muscles requires the use of water; muscles are considered an active tissue, demanding the highest concentration of water. Without the electrolytes found in water, your nerves cannot tell your muscles to contract, leaving you weak and tired.

An energetic, healthy lifestyle demands proper hydration with clean water. With the Clear2O® and Clear2GO®

water filtration system, you can lead the active life you desire without the fatigue and strain dehydration can cause.



Clean water lubricates and cushions the joints, keeping them supple. The lubricating fluid between your joints, keeping them flexible and young, is composed primarily of water. Chronic dehydration can result in permanent damage to your joints – even mild dehydration can result in joint pain.

Proper hydration with the clean water Clear2O® and Clear2GO® provides not only reduces joint deterioration but also helps you move more freely, restoring a sense of youth and flexibility. Treat your body to the clean water it deserves.