Clear2O® Water Filtration Pitcher

Product Features:

  • Holds 1.75 liters of water (9 8-oz. glasses)
  • Tested to reduce five times more contaminants due to block carbon filtration
  • Adapts easily to a number of faucets with the simple faucet connector
  • Filling’s a breeze with the quick-connect hose and its convenient storage compartment
  • Take the guessing out of filter changes with the Intelligent- Filter Indicator
  • Includes one filter so you can start enjoying clean, clear water right away

Product Description

Clear2O® Water Filtration Pitcher filters and fills in seconds!

Tested to reduce up to Clear2O® Water Filtration filters and fills in seconds contaminants, its block carbon filter cleans 50 gallons (that’s 88+ refills!), the equivalent of 378 disposable half-liter water bottles that would be thrown away after one use. Works with most standard faucets.